Salesforce Zoo: The Zoo’s Story

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The Zoo has grown over the last 40 years from a tiny private animal menagerie to a small public zoo. It has numerous buildings and houses domestic and exotic animals like cows, horses, emus and even a few kangaroos.

Joann Chavez is the current Zoo Director. Her father, Jaime, started the animal collection in his early twenties and recently asked Joann to take over as director.

Over the last two years, The Zoo has become quite popular; the number of annual guests has tripled. They’ve had to add a lot more staff to keep up with the amount of people in the zoo every day; wear and tear on the facilities has been impacted the most.

Larry Myers, the Facilities & Services Manager, is responsible for IT & maintenance at The Zoo. When he first started five years ago, taking care of things wasn’t super complicated. He was able to use spreadsheets to track tasks like cleaning bathrooms, fixing broken enclosures, and doing computer updates. With the increase in popularity, however, Larry’s spreadsheet system wasn’t scaling very well. His staff was struggling to coordinate on issue responsibility and task priority. This caused a lot of wasted time and effort and more critical issues would take too long to fix.

Hannah Carlson works for Larry in the IT department. She was really feeling the frustrations of their new success. Hannah mentioned the situation to one of her friends, Dan, at a local tech meet up. Dan felt her pain. He had gone through similar issues in the past and had an idea on a possible solution.

Dan told Hannah about Salesforce, how it had the ability to track and prioritize tasks and how you could even route tasks to the right person based on a variety of factors. Dan’s current company has started using Salesforce last year and he had even become a certified admin and developer; life was so much better. Hannah was pumped and thought this was just the thing The Zoo needed.

The following day, Hannah told Larry what Dan said about Salesforce. Larry got excited too and agreed to bring Dan in to discuss it further.

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