Salesforce Zoo: Introduction

Part of my goals for this site are to create some pet/portfolio projects and share the build process. I have some ideas floating around on a few things I’d like to create and share but wanted to wait until I finished the PD1 certification to start any.

I’m a few weeks ahead on my study schedule so I thought I’d get started on one of those ideas earlier than expected. I’m itching to start working through a fictitious project and since it’s going to be an ongoing thing anyway, if studying gets in the way, that’s perfectly fine.

I’m going to start by building something for a zoo. I have a few ideas on what that might look like, but first I want to come up with a believable story; something I can work with and reference while I’m building this thing out.

With the story in hand I can start fleshing out what jobs actually need to be done and then start brainstorming solutions from there. So, in my mind, the next three objectives are to:

  • Come up with the Zoo’s Story
  • Determine Jobs to be Done
  • Brainstorm Solutions

Ultimately, through this project, I’d like to learn and share things. While I’ve gone through this process, building solutions outside of the Salesforce world, my goal here is to do it all in Salesforce (with the exception of something external using the APIs.)

Finally, I’m going to do my best to build something small with the idea that it can be added onto/revised as time goes on.

Next up: The Zoo’s Story.

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