Salesforce Platform Developer I Study

A month or so ago I started studying to take the Platform Developer I exam and planned to take the test in January of 2019.

I bought a Udemy course specific to that test and of course there is the official Trailhead trail too. My plan was (and still is) to complete both of those things before I tested. First, because I wanted to make sure I covered all of the material on the test. Second, because I’m interested in learning more about Salesforce.

With the materials in hand, I got up early every day, spent at least an hour studying and then put what I’d learned into Quizlet for testing / review. Once I finished with a section in the Udemy course I’d do the corresponding modules in Trailhead.

Yesterday I decided to take an inventory of the material I had left to cover to see when I could realistically take the exam. From my experience so far, I knew that I could basically cover a sub-section of the Udemy course or a Trailhead module (including adding Quizlet cards) in about an hour.

Since I had an hour a day to study I broke down each remaining Udemy sub-section and Trailhead module into rows in a spreadsheet and added columns for a target study and completion date. I also added study days in between sections and added some study/practice test days at the end – just before I take the test.

Each row roughly represents an hour of study time

Based on 6 study days per week I’ve determined that January isn’t really feasible. My new actual target test date is 3/16/19. That could get moved up or back depending on how studying goes and how life goes but now I have a much more realistic idea on what to expect – I think. I haven’t used this method to break down study sessions before so I’ll be interested to see how accurate it is. I’ll definitely report back once complete.

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