Obligatory First Post

Oh, hi!  Dan here.  I’m not sure who sent you but I’m glad you came =). 

I’m a software engineer with a little bit of Salesforce development experience and am looking for more.  The plans are to use this site to document that effort.  We’ll see what happens.

A Brief History

I’ve been in the tech arena in an some capacity for the last 15+ years and in enterprise tech for the last 10+.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing how technology works from multiple angles.

  • 6 years retail sales + in-store technology support.
  • 3 years as a Cisco certified professional supporting companies with various Cisco products including networking, VoIP, and contact center technologies.
  • 1 year splitting my time between co-managing network + voice engineers and continuing support engineering duties.
  • 2 years in high touch technical product support for a custom network monitoring and device + case management software.
  • 5+ years as a scrum + MySQL certified software developer for both single and multi-tenant software (where I was introduced to, and fell in love with, Salesforce).


For the last 3.5 years I’ve specialized in building integrations for a multi-tenant web application.  About 10% of my job is to build and support
a few with Salesforce (some using Salesforce APIs, one built as a Salesforce app that gets distributed through the AppExchange).

Prior to this position I had zero Salesforce experience so writing an app and figuring out how to get it into the AppExchange was a big challenge.  Not only did I have to learn how to use the product, I had to learn how to code with Apex and Visualforce and all of the things that come with Salesforce app development (packaging, unit tests, governor limits, code execution order limitations, partner accounts, subscriber support, LMA, security reviews, etc).  I was not a fan until about 3 years in, when it finally started to grow on me.

In March 2018, I attended my first Salesforce conference.  It was the largest conference I had ever been to and it was clear that Salesforce put a lot of money and effort into it.  The community was amazing and Salesforce was very open about its progressive views.  Not to mention Mark Hamill!

I was inspired.  With the help of a certification voucher I received from the conference, I studied for and received my first Salesforce certification in the Spring of 2018.

What to Expect

My primary experience with Salesforce is through building and supporting integrations.  While I enjoy that, I really want to get deeper into the Salesforce ecosystem and feel I have some work to to to get there. My goal is to share the product of that work through this site. You can expect:

  • Things I’ve learned while doing research and studying for certifications.
  • Pet project applications and the process I took to build them. 
  • Reflections on Salesforce news. 
  • Other odds and ends

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